Welcome to the 4U2Ctv Multimedia Network.

4U2Ctv is a small online network with our head office located Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and a Canadian bureau in Alberta, Canada. We specialize in broadcasting unique programming from many sources across the internet.  4U2Ctv broadcasts in both LIVE and LiveSync format. We also offer easy-to-navigate on demand channels. We are adding channels all the time as we expand our network.

4U2Ctv Multimedia Network Websites

4U2Ctv.com – Our flagship website with more than 25 premium LIVE and LiveSync channels.

UFOPlanet.TV – Watch content produced in our own studios along with more than 20 of the most popular UFO and paranormal channels available. Focus on the website is the study of Unidentified Flying Objects.

CanadaPoliceReport.ca – Canada’s leading police news provider with millions of police reports read each month.  Operated by our Canadian bureau, Canada Police Report is half a decade old and continues to grow at a steady pace.

All of our websites have a related YouTube channel and Facebook page.  Canada Police Report is also available on Twitter. We also have a popular channel on ROKU Streaming TV that carries content from UFO Planet TV.  Currently more than 250, 000 people follow are various social media and broadcast channels.

What is the difference between LIVE and LiveSync?

LIVE broadcasts have been around on the internet for a long time.  Many of our channels are LIVE via YouTube Live. Live channels broadcast in real time, sometimes referred to as linear broadcasting. LiveSync works is a NEW technology that enables any video to be broadcast in a synchronized format.  In simple terms,  it enables any video to be streamed in a simulated LIVE linear format.  When viewers tune in to a LiveSync broadcast, the stream will synchronize with a all other viewers already watching or who connect in the future.  This enables viewers to chat with each other using a YouTube or Google account in our chat room.

What kind of content does the network broadcast?

Currently the 4U2Ctv Multimedia Network broadcasts a variety of programming from content produced in our own studios to some of the best premium content available from multiple producers online.

Where can you view the network channels?

You can view all of our channel offerings on our websites when using a desktop, laptop or tablet. We also have a web app where you can watch on your mobile device. Some of our channels are available live and on demand on YouTube and ROKU Streaming TV.  We will publish more information about our channels and where you can view them away from our website,  soon.

What does it cost to watch 4U2Ctv channels?

All our channels are FREE, including our LIVE, LiveSync and on demand channels.  Our network is supported by ads on our websites, YouTube and ROKU channels. In the future we will accept donations. All ads that run during LiveSync broadcasts come from the content provider.  This way we can offer great content and still support the content creators at the same time.