Welcome to our affiliate program.

How it works:

  1. Submit your website information to us through email.
  2. We will review your website and content.
  3. Wait for approval.  Upon approval you must supply a logo that we will attach to your specific player. See step 4.
  4. If approved we will provide the embed code specific to your approved website, branded with your own logo, linked to your website. They video can be shared from your website on any social media platform, driving traffic to YOUR website.
  5. Live channel is managed.  YouTube changes video ID numbers from time to time. We update the player directive on our end for all approved affiliates making it a hassle-free process.

Affiliate Website Benefits:

  • Branded player linked to your website. Live newscast can be shared on the social media accounts associated with your own website, driving new traffic.
  • Listing in our Approved Affiliate Directory with a link to your website.
  • Live ground-breaking content for your website.
  • Mention in our ticker from time to time along with other affiliates.

Sample responsive embed player below branded to Planet Talk TV:

The “Planet Talk” logo in the top right corner is linked to the affiliate website.  In the example it links to our website.  Running a mouse over the logo brings our player controls to life along with the sharing tools.

Our embed code is responsive so one size fits all website application including mobile.

Basic rules:

  • The embed code we provide through e-mail may not be altered other than to enclose in an thml positioning tag such as center.
  • Stream can not be altered to run pre-roll, mid or end roll advertising.
  • May not be posted on websites containing adult only content.  This step would have covered in the approval process.
  • Must promote our news service on your website and social media streams.