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Content Producer Information

What is a content producer?

A Planet Talk Content Producer is an individual or organization who will contribute to the programming on the channel by hosting a talk show or providing content created externally for broadcast on our live network and later on their own YouTube channel.

Simulated scene in Planet Talk studio.

Hosting a Planet Talk Program:

Planet Talk Content Producer Responsibilities

Here are a list of some of the things you will need to look after for your own show:

  • Selection of program topic and content within our agreed content terms.
  • Select and arrange your own guests.
  • Obtaining the rights to any external media (videos, photo, audio) used as visual aids.
  • Providing media to be used on the program to 4U2Ctv well in advance of the air date.
  • Provide information on your guests to be used in our online guide and promotional ads on our live channel.
  • Obtain legal permissions from your guests to show their name and image and provided media during the broadcast.
  • Create a Skype group call including yourself, guests and our studio link.  It will be the host’s responsibility to activate the call at the specified time.
  • Have access to Skype video on a computer with a solid high speed internet connection and camera.


Acceptable topics

Current Events, Unusual Events, Science, Preppers, UFOlogy, Life After Death, Paranormal and many more topics. Each show will have a topic although we will permit some crossover we prefer each program to be different from the others. We are open to discussion on program topics that are not listed.

Populate your own YouTube Channel and EARN SHARED REVENUE

Once Planet Talk’s exclusive broadcast rights term expires, we permit you to share in the revenue when you upload to your own YouTube channel.  This way,  by doing a talk show on Planet Talk,  you get the exposure of a 24 hour a day talk network and the ability to earn money from your efforts.

Uploading Your Talk Show to Your YouTube Channel (IMPORTANT)

All productions, broadcasts and graphics remain the property of the 4U2Ctv Multimedia Network. Revenue generated from our YouTube channel pays the production and associated costs.

Planet Talk TV will maintain full live broadcast,  on demand, and distribution rights for each talk show episode. After a period of 8 to 45 days (depending on several factors including size of your YouTube channel) from the date of the initial live broadcast at which time you may upload each individual show to your YouTube channel where we will attach our Copyright and share in the revenue earned by viewers on your channel.

We already have a YouTube subscriber base of 18,000+ before we broadcast our first show.

Make a show, boost your channel with great content, and have some fun in the process.

Who can apply to become a talk show host on Planet Talk?

Hosting a live talk show on Planet Talk TV can be simple an easy if you or your organization is the right fit.  We are open to accepting concept applications from all individuals and organizations both amateur, semi-professional and pro.  4U2Ctv Multimedia Network staff will review all concepts without prejudice. Not all applicants can be accepted so take the time to make your concept count before you send it in for consideration. Please note that you will be assisted through the entire process if your concept is accepted.

Time Commitment

Everything great takes time… and so does the production of a well planned talk show. Pre-show production time depends on each individual host.  Expect to spend time on preparation like reading up on your guests and topic.  In order to make a talk show flow well,  you have to be prepared.  If you have any helpers who assist you with your show we will include their names in the show credits.

What to include in your concept proposal

  • Complete name
  • Location
  • Recent photo or short video with voice
  • Details of program concept, topic and guests.
  • Audience you are aiming for
  • Availability
  • Address to Facebook wall or website
  • Contact information: Telephone and email

Who do you contact if you are interested?

If you feel you meet the above requirements and are interested in hosting your own production talk show on Planet Talk TV,  then contact Darin Crapo at darin@4u2ctv.com with your concept proposal.  Darin will contact you once it has been reviewed.

What 4U2Ctv / Planet Talk Will Provide

  • 4U2Ctv will create opening and closing credit videos to be used during the live broadcast.
  • Full program production including broadcast.
  • All graphics, logos and other media required for the program.
  • Accept and screen all incoming viewer calls prior to transfer to on air. Accepting viewer calls is optional during start up.
  • Promotion of the program through our social media pages, network websites and Planet Talk family.
  • Recording and distribution.
  • We will provide a player specific to each program,  for your own website,  where the program can play directly to your audience. We will also provide the code to embed the Planet Talk channel on your website so you can promote your own show while you await the end of the exclusive rights. Use Adsense, run ads on your website, and make a little cash for your efforts.

It is so simple,  the only part of the production our contributors need concern themselves with is content, guest arrangements and setting up the Skype calls.  Our staff will take care of all the technical aspects, graphics and promotion.  How much will all this cost you?  Just the time you invest in preparing and broadcasting your talk show.

4U2Ctv reserves the right to cancel any program at any time.  Contributors can cancel at any time but must agree to a minimum of 8 shows.


Broadcast Time-slot Availability

How it works – Technical info for Hosts

How to plan your talk show

External Media Usage