Thank you for being a guest on a Planet Talk program.  Below are some requirements and tips to assist in making your “guest experience” pleasant.

Guest Requirements

  • Guests are required to give 4U2Ctv permission to use their name and image on our broadcast channel / programs and promotional materials.
  • Guests must provide proof of ownership of any media submitted for play during the interview.  YOU MAY NOT submit any material that belongs to someone else unless you can provide proof you have obtained the proper permission to use the media.
  • Any media submitted must follow ALL YouTube guidelines (often much stricter than copyright laws) and international copyright law.
  • Guests must be available 25 minutes prior to broadcast time for the group Skype call.  Once the call is established it will take around 15 minutes to sync audio and video between the studio and participants coming in via Skype.
  • Guests must remain on Skype the entire duration of the program.  DO NOT disconnect before the ending show credit run even if you part in the show is over.  Expect to be online for at least 1.5 hours for a one hour program and 2.5 hours for a 2 hour program.

Guest Tips

  • Dress appropriate for a television program.  You will come across much more trustworthy to the audience.
  • Use a good set of ear buds or headphones.  Skype sometimes can pick up sound from your speakers,  using ear buds or headphones removes this problem.
  • Speak loud and clearly.
  • Look at the camera from time to time.  Make eye contact with the television audience.
  • Be in a well lit room with NO back lighting.  Bright lights behind you will make you turn into a silhouette and that is not acceptable for broadcast.
  • Smile.  Let the people see you happy and enjoying yourself.


  • Guests are NOT permitted to upload their interview to any online service including YouTube.  All content remains the property of the 4U2Ctv Multimedia Network.